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My name is Luke Whyte. For the last two years, I was the editor for the online magazine for correctional professionals, CorrectionsOne.com.

I quit that job to focus on Voices of Justice because I strongly believe that what is happening in the realm of criminal justice constitutes one of the most important and intriguing stories in American culture today.

This blog is an attempt to better tell that story.

You can reach me at luke.whyte(at)voicesofjustice.com or (207) 266-9006

Financial Transparency:
Voices of Justice is an independent project. Truth is there aren’t too many publications that care to publish this type of writing. For this reason, I’m financing Voices of Justice on my own with the help of donations from awesome people.

In that light, I’m cutting every corner and showing full financial transparency:

    • As of Jan. 30th 2011, I’ve got $346.38 left in my bank account, but I’m planning on selling my bicycle, which should net another $500 at least.
    • It costs me about $15 a day to keep living, hitchhiking, camping, recording and writing.
    • If you’d like to help VoJ stay alive, any contribution, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.
    • You can donate here:

And here’s all of my recent account activity:

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  1. JIM SCHWARTZ says:


    I spent the better part of the 90′s incarcerated within the California Department of Corrections system, including Corcoran, Soledad, Chuckawalla, Donavan & Chino. Would be happy to speak with you regarding these institutions and how the CDC operates within them. Although overcrowding and medical care seem to be the issues at the forefront of most discussions, no one seems to focus on the degrading, dehumanizing and humiliating aspect of the treatment attendant within this world. Perhaps another perspective on these subjects and others would be helpful to you.


    Jim Schwartz

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