The reason why RVs exist

In every sense, fear and freedom are uniquely intertwined.

One cannot exist without the other. And we cannot exist without them both — like dry wood and oxygen to a campfire’s light.

America is a land of many freedoms. Prison reflects our need to protect them, our fear of losing them.

Hitchhiking is also a pure strain of this dynamic. It forces the participant to give themselves completely to the road, to embrace unmanageable wildness. Few things can feel freer. Few things can be more terrifying.

And if this project had a thesis, you would have just read it.

Here’s a remotely related video. It was taken in September of ’05 as I attempted to hitchhike from Alaska into the Yukon Territory:

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One Response to The reason why RVs exist

  1. Mike Wynne says:

    How you diggin San Fran man?

    You are living out the existential exhuberance
    documented in the book/film INTO THE WILD.

    These are awesome creative projects and
    socially revelant writings you are putting together.

    Keep rockin it brother Luke!

    Your bud from those brief and burly NZ dayz.



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