“Dog will hunt”

After a month spent living off borrowed bread in my friend’s kitchen, I’m happy to say that the Kickstarter.com fundraiser for Voices of Justice was successful! Thanks so much to everyone that contributed.

So… now what? Well, in short: Hitchhiking, that’s what.

Those who know me well are likely aware that I’ve spent a large amount of time hitchhiking as a journalist in the past (and that I vowed never to do it again). Well, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to get back on that saddle one last time.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m changing the focus of VoJ. Instead of trying to interview a wide-array of people, I’m going to be working with just a choice few. Further, I’ve decided to switch from a written format and, instead, work exclusively in film. I feel this will allow for a more accurate and engaging form of storytelling. Each interview will be turned into a short flick and then posted here on the VoJ site. In the end, I’ll collect all the footage and lace it together for a short documentary.

In order to gather these interviews, I’m going to travel up to Crescent City at the top of California. From there, I’ll begin hitchhiking my way down through the state, meeting my interviewees along the way. Hitchhiking will allow me to share the project idea with everyone I meet. It’s likely I’ll encounter people with some experience in the California criminal justice system and, if it seems fitting, I’ll spend some time interviewing them, too.

As I travel, I’ll be posting written updates in the form of journal entries to this blog. However, I’m going to hold off on releasing most of the footage until all the interviews have been conduct. Thus, I’ll be able to comb through everything I collect and release it in an order that makes the most sense for telling the story properly.

Here’s a tentative schedule:

  • Dec. 6th : Head to Crescent City
  • Mid-December: Arrive in Sacramento/Folsom area
  • Late-December: Arrive in Los Angeles area
  • Mid-January: Finish up in San Diego
  • Mid to Late-January: Begin releasing short films on Voices of Justice website

So… that’s the plan. Any and all of your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

~ Luke

P.S. Sorry Mom

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  1. You’ve been eating my bread? So it was you!! That’s ok, I’ve been using your toothbrush to clean under my nails.

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